At St Martin’s we endeavour to meet the needs of a child with SEND. Through our aspirational vision of children being able to live ‘life in all its fullness’ John 10:10; interventions are offered to children who have gaps in their learning, or struggle to secure core skills or access the whole curriculum in the classroom. The key interventions we currently use are detailed below:

Speech and language therapy 

Speech and language therapy provides specialised programmes tailored to the needs of individual children. These programmes have been developed by a Speech & Language Therapist. The therapist will assess your child’s speech and language needs after a referral has been made by an education or health care professional. Programmes will be delivered by school TA staff and appropriate interventions put into place in the context of the classroom practices.  Progress is monitored by the SENDco and class teachers.

Colourful Semantics

Colourful Semantics is a system for colour coding sentences according to the role of different words. It can help children to break down sentences and understand the individual meaning of each word and it's role in the sentence. It can help children to better understand word order.


Additional Little Wandle 'Rapid Catch Up' sessions support children to secure essential phonics skills needed to improve their reading and writing skills. This includes a separate SEND programme.

Fun Fit & High Five

The Fun fit programme and High Five are designed to support children in developing fine and gross motor skills for example throwing and catching a ball, using scissors and handwriting skills. This intervention also allows children to grow in terms of self esteem and confidence on both a physical and emotional level.

Reading with Roddy

This reading intervention provides children with the opportunity to read to our school chaplain's dog. The intent is for children to develop greater confidence through developing fluency reading to a captive audience.

Nurture Group

These individual sessions support children who often struggle within the context of the classroom environment. The nurture sessions are delivered by our forest school lead and enable 'special time' working on self esteem, resilience, regulation and relationship with the aim to support children to be more confident in the classroom.


Thrive offers a trauma-informed, whole school approach to improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. In practice, Thrive offers practical strategies that support social and emotional development and make a lasting difference. Working with parents and class teachers, our THRIVE practitioner carries out assessments to identify children’s social, emotional and behavioural needs which help us to build an Action Plan of targeted strategies and activities to help children re-engage with learning and relationships.

Number Stacks

'Number Stacks is perfect as a whole-school intervention to help address gaps in understanding for pupils in all primary year groups. With its Initial Assessments and Fluency Activities at the end of each video tutorial, it is easy to evidence progress as pupils work their way through the Key Skills.'

Lego Therapy

Using the well loved building resource, this small group intervention supports children to collaborate, follow instructions and improve their social skills while working towards a common aim.

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