School Communications


School Spider

Commincation from the school is via a web portal/App called School Spider Spider Logo.png

School Spider is used to:

  • Send out communications to parents/carers
  • Book and pay for school lunches
  • Pay for school trips
  • Book parent consultations
  • Access school reports
  • Complete permissions/surveys

Once your child has started at the school you will be invited to download the App and sign in. There is more information about the app at the bottom of this page.


Contacting the School

If you need to contact the school you can do so in a number of ways:

  • Phone the School Office on 01404 515409
  • Email the School Office on (the office team will pass your email to the relevant member of staff)
  • Visit the School Office - the office is open from 8am - 3.30pm during term time.



The Newsletter is an opportunity for parents/carers to find out more about what the children have been doing in school. We send out our regular Newsletter via School Spider and upload them onto the website on the latest news page.


Admin Alerts

The Admin Alert is sent out every Friday with information about upcoming events and important dates and information. Copies are also available here.


Files to Download

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