School uniform can be ordered directly from our suppliers - click on the links below. Please note that children do not have to wear uniform with the school logo - wearing unbranded school colours is also acceptable. 


A1 Print & Stitch

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Wovina – Uniform Suppliers


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Boys/Girls Uniform

  • Blue Polo Shirt with/without logo
  • Blue Sweatshirt with/without Logo
  • Grey Trousers, Shorts, Grey Skirt or Pinafore
  • Black, Grey or White Socks
  • Black Shoes suitable for physical activity
  • Blue waterproof fleece ( optional )
  • Blue Fleece ( optional )
  • Summer Yellow Checked Dress ( optional )
  • Book Bag (preferred Reception – Year 2)

Boys/Girls PE Kit

  • Family Colour T-Shirt with/without logo (Red, Green, Yellow or Purple) This will be assigned to you.
  • Black/ Blue Shorts
  • Trainers or Plimsols

Please Note: PE Kit is only required for Year 1 – Year 6

PE Kit should be brought to school every Monday and taken home, for washing, every Friday. On cold days children will be able to put their school sweatshirt / fleece over the top of their PE Kit. You may want to provide your child with black, navy or grey jogging bottoms to wear for outdoor PE during the winter months.

Nursery Uniform

Yellow Sweatshirt and / or T-shirt worn with child’s own clothes

Second-Hand Uniform

If you require any second-hand uniform please enquire at the school office where the team can advise on what is currently available.

Alternatively, the local charity shop across from the school has a second-hand uniform rail.


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