Living & Learning at St Martin's

St Martin’s School is a caring, engaging and very special place to learn and grow. We recognise and understand how to create an optimum ‘environment for learning’ and the importance of relationships within that environment; we value the people, the place and the process of learning. If you are ever unsure, just curious or need some support – just ask – everyone is willing and ready to help each child and adult to be the best they can be.

We want children at St. Martin’s to develop confidence in themselves and to have the ability to understand that there is a perspective other than their own. Our aim is to create a school where everyone – children, staff and parents – can ‘sit comfortably inside their own skin’ and have the ability to place themselves in another’s shoes. This foundation will create the optimum platform for children to become successful ‘inter-dependent’ human beings, to develop self-confidence and to have the capacity to hold an informed awareness of the lives and needs of others.

Children need to be excited by possibilities and ‘not knowing’ – so they become creative and critical thinkers and will be resilient ‘life long’ learners who can live, work and grow successfully and sustainably alongside others.

Laughter and fun are important aspects of learning at St. Martin’s as are aspiration and self-motivation. St Martin’s is a place for children and adults to grow within a safe and purposeful environment which encourages everyone to be curious and excited about the world in which we live and enable all of ‘to live life in all its fullness.’ (John 10:10)

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