At St Martin’s C of E Primary School, we believe that all children should leave the school, being the best they can be, when using technology as a tool to enhance understanding while staying safe. As computing is ever present in the world that we live in, it is important that children are equipped with the skills to understand, use and create in the constantly developing technological world in which we live in. 

At St Martin’s we have a mixture of iPADs and Chromebooks that supports the children’s learning across the curriculum, where they can share work within the class and work collaboratively. Computing is taught throughout the school, across three strands: Digital Literacy, Computer Science and IT. Within this, the children are taught about social media, developing animations, coding and using IT to present their learning, such as through website development in year 6. There is a clear progression of knowledge that is built on each year to help embed children’s understanding and allow children to express themselves. At the start of each year, children in KS2 are asked to sign the internet and device user agreement, so they become responsible for the devices that they use and they are aware that their activity is being monitored – helping prepare them for the real world and staying safe online. We will strive hard to make sure that we have access to the most effective and emerging technologies. 


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