At St Martin’s C of E Primary School, we believe that all children should leave the school, being the best they can be, when using technology as a tool to enhance understanding while staying safe. As computing is ever present in the world that we live in, it is important that children are equipped with the skills and knowledge to understand, use and create in the constantly developing technological world in which we live. 

In regards to online safety, GDPR will play an important role in allowing children to recognise what information is personal to them and who and when it is safe to share it. To do this effectively, children must have a clear understanding of the meaning of personal information and recognise their own responsibility in safeguarding this. Children will be taught about their digital footprint and where to seek support and advice should they need it. We believe a strong understanding of these things will enable children to access modern technologies and communicate effectively whilst developing an ever increasing understanding of how to keep themselves safe from evolving dangers in the digital world. 

We aim to make sure that children become digitally literate by developing a range of transferable skills which can make them active participants in a digital world and prepare them for the world of work. We aim to encourage children to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through a range of information technology, whilst making links to maths and design and technology.


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