St Martin's Primary School recognises the valuable role that music plays in promoting creativity, cultural understanding, and personal development among its students. Our intent is to provide a comprehensive and inclusive Music curriculum that engages and inspires all pupils, regardless of their background or ability. We aim to nurture a love and appreciation for music, develop a high level of musical competence, and empower students to express themselves through a range of musical activities.


  • We use a well-sequenced music curriculum adapted from 'Charanga Musical school' scheme, that builds on prior knowledge to deepen students' understanding and skills progressively.
  • The curriculum encompasses a broad range of musical genres, styles, and cultures to provide students with a rich musical experience
  • Students are actively encouraged to partake in performances throughout the school year, including at Christmas, Easter and at the end of the summer term.
  • We offer an after school choir club for KS2 children.
  • A range of musical instruments and interactive whiteboards are used to enrich lessons.
  • Children are able to learn the guitar with a peripatetic music teacher.


Through these intentional strategies, we aspire to see the following impact on our students:

  • Students will develop a deep and sustained interest in music, actively participating and engaging in music-making throughout their time at St Martin's Primary School.
  • All students, regardless of their starting points, will make excellent progress in their musical skills, knowledge, and understanding.
  • Students will demonstrate high levels of musical competence, including the ability to perform, compose, improvise, and listen effectively.
  • They will develop a strong foundation in music theory and notation, which will support their future musical development and potential pathways in further music education.
  • Students will become confident and expressive musicians, using music as a means of personal expression and communication.
  • Music will contribute to their social, emotional, and cultural development, fostering a sense of belonging, resilience, and enjoyment.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for different musical styles and genres, including music from different cultures and traditions.
  • They will understand the role of music within society, as well as its historical and cultural significance.

By implementing this comprehensive approach to Music education, St Martin's Primary School aims to create a vibrant musical community where every student can flourish, fostering a lifelong love and appreciation for Music.

At St Martin’s we have gained the Music Mark award which shows we are constantly aiming to develop and enhance our provision. 



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