Through the teaching of English our intention is to give children a competent command of spoken and written English, so that they can 'live life in all its fullness' (John 10:10).

We recognise that children who read widely, enjoy conversations, engage in discussions, and write confidently for different audiences and purposes will have a greater success as adults in later life both economically and personally, thriving as mentally healthy adults.

For our children to become the most successful adults they can be we need to teach them to read with fluency, prosody and comprehension, developing in them a love of reading for both pleasure and purpose. We know the importance of developing a rich and varied vocabulary will further support our children's later success coupled with a secure understanding of the rules for writing. In this technological age, we recognise the importance of ensuring children still have access to our rich heritage of written work, and we ensure children are exposed to the  best modern children's literature as well as classics from the past, including poetry and plays. 

Our intention in English is to give children the skills and confidence to communicate clearly in any subject. We will give them the skills to engage in discussions and arguments, as well as the skills to negotiate and persuade - these are exemplified through the wider curriculum opportunities eg through our Picture News Assemblies which encourage children to think and discuss broad issues related to British Values and the Rights of the Child. 

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