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Our Reception Year is made up of two classes ‘Chicks’ and ‘Ducklings’. Mrs. Luff-Lee, Mrs. Snowdon, and Mrs. Downing work closely together to provide a stimulating, fun, enjoyable and aspirational curriculum delivered in an engaging environment for our Reception children. Over the last few years we have been lucky enough to have taken the children on some amazing trips of discovery to Paignton Zoo, Escot and West Town Farm in Ide. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have some special visitors to St. Martins such as Nurses from Bramble ward RD&E, local police officers and local guide dogs.






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Mrs Luff-Lee - Teacher Mrs Snowdon - Teacher     Mrs Downing - Teacher  
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Wayne Philip - TA Lucy Denny - TA Vicky Pearson - TA Hazel Alford - Teacher/TA Mel Mitchell - TA Bhim Gale - TA



Useful information:

  • We have weekly Forest School sessions where we learn and play in our very own forest
  • We have a shoeless learning environment which enables us to develop our core strength and proprioception and provides a homely feel to our setting.
  • We work closely with our Nursery staff so that our Early Years Foundation Stage can meet all children’s needs
  • Children are offered a daily snack of fresh fruit
  • Tapestry is used to share and celebrate each child’s learning.
  • With our children we create ‘Make Your Mark’ book, which celebrates each child’s mark making journey through their early years.
  • Our Buddy System between Year 6 and Reception helps develop a very special bond between our oldest and youngest children at St. Martins.  Throughout the school year the children meet to play, learn, read and create together, building relationships and strengthen self esteem through a shared sense of play and enjoyment.

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