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Tuesday 25th June 2019- Big Bang science fair

On Tuesday 25th June, me and year five went on a school trip to a Big Bang science show. Before the show we all put our lunch boxes on the trolley did the register and lined up in pairs. I paired with Ella. When we were lined up we were all told who our group would be. We could have gone in a group with Mrs Mabbutt, Mr Sluman, or with Iain – I was chosen to go with Ian. Also in my group was Oakley, Alfie B, Ella, Chloe and Amelia.

We went on the coach to the Big Bang Show and when we got there we saw 3 other coaches. We guessed that there would be lots of people there as a normal coach can hold 30 people.

The first thing we did when we got in, was talk about water engineering. We found that water expands when made into ice or, frozen.we also talked about how in winter if you had water in a pipe then if it expanded then the pipe would burst and snap. It was epic!

After this we went on a building game. You would be sat on a digger seat without the structure and there was a screen in front of us the screen was controlled the controller sticks on the front of the seats. We had to pick up a metal bar that had concrete formed outside it. We had to pick up the pole with the claw and crush the concrete so we could reuse the metal bar.

I then played a game on a tv screen that you had to deliver all of the 6 diggers to 3 different houses in under 3 minutes. If you send a digger to a house, it will cost you money. Me Oakley and Alfie B tried at the game 2 times both we spent well under half a million but a lot over 3 minutes. It wasn’t as easy as it looked!

We then tried another stall that told about bridges but after we had taken a sweet, we all had to go and watch the Big Bang show. THE BIG BANG SHOW WAS AMAZING! There was a man and he made big bangs using nitro and fire and even helium (Don’t tell anyone but I thought the man was a bit crazy).

After the spectacular Big Bang show, I went to a 3D printer and saw a plastic elephant being made. The man at the stall had made a car and had put in electrical equipment to make the car move, it was very complicated.

Next we went to VR and played a game. We had to hit the cubes but there were arrows on the cubes and that was the way you had to hit it. It was sooo embarrassing but great fun.

I then went on our last stall that was creating aeroplanes. Me Chloe and Amelia teamed up to make a plane. Halfway through cutting out the plane I made a name for our plane. The ABC plane – A for Amelia; B for me, Beth; and C for Chloe. At the end of making the plane, we had to put it on a plank of wood and try to hit the target.

What a great day!

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
This book is about three little owls who miss their mummy when she goes to find food.

Question- What does Bill the little owl say again and again?
Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy
“This is a story about a bear who builds a rocket and visits the moon, all before bath time!”
Question- Where did baby bear find his space helmet?

Dogger By Shirley Hughes “This is a story about a boy called Dave and his favourite soft brown toy dog called Dogger. One day Dave loses Dogger! Will Dogger ever be found?!”
Question- What colour was the bow on the big teddy that was won by Bella?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle 

Question- How many strawberries did the caterpillar eat?

Urgent Update

It has been brought to our attention that various social media platforms (utube, kids tube) have been hacked. And that video clips/ adverts which on the face of it appear innocent contain disturbing images and content.

Please be vigilant re the sites that children are accessing at home and the content in which they may contain.

Thank you

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