St Martin’s C of E Primary and Nursery School recognises the many positive benefits of pupils cycling/ scooting to and from school.

Some of the benefits of cycling/ scooting/ skateboarding to school include:

  • Improving health through physical activity.
  • Establishing positive active travel behaviours.
  • Promoting independence and improving safety awareness.
  • Reducing congestion, noise and pollution in the community.
  • Reducing environmental impact of the journey to school.

To encourage as many pupils to cycle/ scoot to school as we can, St Martin’s C of E Primary and Nursery School will:

  • Actively promote cycling/ scooting/ skateboarding as a positive way of travelling.
  • Celebrate the achievements of those who choose to cycle/ scoot/ skateboarding to school.
  • Provide cycle/ scooter/ skateboarding storage on the school site.
  • Organise Bikeability cycle training with Sustrans Active Travel Officer

We expect our pupils to:

  • Ride sensibly and safely and to follow the Highway Code.
  • Regularly check that their bicycle/ scooter is roadworthy.
  • To consider the needs of others when cycling/ scooting and behave in a positive manner.
  • Ensure they can be seen by other road users, by using bicycle/ scooter lights and wearing high-visibility clothing, as appropriate.
  • Dismount on arrival at the school site.
  • Wear a cycle/ scooter helmet correctly
  • Lock their bicycle/scooter securely and store their cycle/ scooter helmet in the correct place

For the well-being of our pupils, we expect parents and carers to:

  • Encourage their child to develop their competence and confidence in cycling/ scooting.
  • Provide their child with the appropriate safety equipment such as high-visibility clothing, bicycle lights and well-fitting cycle/ scooter helmets.
  • Ensure that the cycles/scooters ridden to school are roadworthy and regularly maintained.
  • Provide a lock to secure their child’s bicycle or scooter.
  • Investigate and agree a safe route to school with their child.
Please note:

St Martin’s C of E Primary and Nursery School cannot accept any responsibility for the safety of the bikes/ scooters skateboards being stored nor the safety of the pupil on the journey to and from the school.

By enrolling in St Martin’s C of E Primary and Nursery School and allowing your child to travel to school by bicycle or scooter you are signing up to this agreement.


Athletics tournament

This tournament took place at St Luke’s College, the sport captains were very excited for this trip out as they wanted to represent the school and show off what we can do.

Some quotes from the children who came:
  • “I really enjoyed the athletics tournament because it was at a different school. My favourite event was the 600m race.” Logan.
  • “I really enjoyed it as we got a day out of school as sport captains representing our school. My favourite event was the long jump.” Lexie.
  • “I found it really enjoyable, it was a challenge but one to look forward to. My favourite event was the javelin.” Erika.
  • “I liked the long jump. I enjoyed it being a small group and competing against other schools.” Katie.
  • “Tiring!” Sam.
  • “Bit of fun out of school.” Charlie.
  • “It was fun and I liked the 600m race as I came third.” Charlie.
  • “I liked the 600m race because everyone was cheering each other on.” Daisy.
Tag Rugby match

We took some year 2 children, who attend the tag rugby after school club, to St Nicholas Primary School for a tag rugby match with some of their year 2s. This was their first match out of school, and they were incredibly excited to be going. They were amazing! They played really well, listened to the ref and showed good sportsmanship.

Some quotes from the children who came:
  • “It was really fun.” Lucas.
  • “When we went, I felt a bit nervous but when I got running I still felt a bit nervous but happy.” Alfie.
  • “It was awesome.” Tamzin.
  • “I really liked passing to people.” Ethan.
  • “I liked when we did the warm up together and when we scored tries.” Isaac.
  • “I liked it when we scored lots of tries.” Michael.
  • “I liked it when I scored a try.” Freddie.
  • “When I started to play I was nervous to pass but then when I passed I felt better.” Harry.
  • “I was nervous when we got there but when we started playing I felt better.” Kody.
Netball Tournament

We took our after school netball club to a High 5 netball tournament, this was the first match the children had ever been to, however they did us proud by persevering and coping incredibly well in the hot conditions.

Some quotes from the children:
  • “At first I enjoyed it but once I hurt my finger, I didn’t enjoy it much.” Daisy.
  • “It was fun but hard.” Lauren.
  • “It was fun but scary but when I was shooter for the last couple of matches I was more comfortable and ready to play the game.” Scarlett.
  • “I felt quite anxious at the start but when I was playing I started to feel fine.” Sammy.
  • “On the way, I was really scared but after the first match felt better and it was fun.” Kaitlyn.
  • “I enjoyed the last 2 matches because we won them. I felt nervous at first but the nerves disappeared once I started playing.” Louise.
  • “It was very stressful because of the refs being different, but I still enjoyed it.” Layla.
  • “I really enjoyed it even though I got really stress and annoyed with the refs.” Julia.
  • “I got annoyed by some of the refs as they favoured their school but I still really enjoyed it and it was a really good experience.” Anaya.
  • “It was fun because we got to play other schools.” Jasmin.
  • “It was tiring!” Skie.


Football match
Some quotes from the children:
  • “I enjoyed scoring a goal.” Daniel.
  • “I liked defending.” Jack.
  • “Fun out of school.” Amelia.
  • “It was fun.” Zach.
  • “I enjoyed playing midfielder.” Danny.
  • “I didn’t enjoy playing left midfielder as I can’t kick with my left foot.” Thai.
  • “I enjoyed playing against another school.” William.
  • “It was awkward at first but once we started playing it was good.” Brooklyn.
  • “It was a great experience to play against a different team.” Finley.

Author – Spencer Akerman (CSE Analyst at South West Regional Organised Crime Unit)

This document contains apps/websites of note that have appeared in Child Sexual Exploitation or Abuse cases in the Southwest region for the month stated above. The document may also contain apps/websites that are prominent in other regions or are believed to be an emerging issue.

If you have any apps you believe may be used in the facilitation of CSE/A please send an email to the above address.

20180716_SOCIAL MEDIA APP BULLETIN - july.pdf

The document below contains apps/websites of note that have appeared in Child Sexual Exploitation or Abuse cases in the Southwest region for the month stated above. The document may also contain apps/websites that are prominent in other regions or are believed to be an emerging issue.


British Science Week

Exploring the Outdoors – Brilliant Birds

Local birdwatcher Mrs Twitcher is an expert on birds’ nests. “I think birds are brilliant, but I don’t think people can build nests like birds do.” Do you think Mrs Twitcher is right?

The Sparrows were set the challenge of building a birds’ nest during forest school this week.

They started off thinking about natural materials in the forest. They discussed using leaves, sticks, twigs, feathers, grass and mud.

When they got to the forest, they worked in small teams to build a birds nest. The requirements were that it needed to be strong and sturdy. This proved to be quite a challenge, due to lots of recent wet weather! But the Sparrows persevered and created some brilliant birds nests around the forest. The Sparrows were keen to test the nest out with one of our class reading buddies ‘Blue Bird’.

The Sparrows thought about what would happen if the conditions in the forest changed. We discussed what would happen to the birds’ nests on a sunny day, rainy day, windy day and snowy day. We all agreed that the nests would need to be very strong, so they didn’t blow away!

See a short photo record here of the St. Martin’s school trip to Paignton zoo. Reception and Year 12 children.

Create, Connect and Share Respect A better internet starts with you..

Safer Internet Day 2018 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

Please click here to access the latest social media safeguarding bulletin.

Please click here to access the latest social media safeguarding bulletin.

See our report here
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