British Science Week in Year One

British Science Week

Exploring the Outdoors – Brilliant Birds

Local birdwatcher Mrs Twitcher is an expert on birds’ nests. “I think birds are brilliant, but I don’t think people can build nests like birds do.” Do you think Mrs Twitcher is right?

The Sparrows were set the challenge of building a birds’ nest during forest school this week.

They started off thinking about natural materials in the forest. They discussed using leaves, sticks, twigs, feathers, grass and mud.

When they got to the forest, they worked in small teams to build a birds nest. The requirements were that it needed to be strong and sturdy. This proved to be quite a challenge, due to lots of recent wet weather! But the Sparrows persevered and created some brilliant birds nests around the forest. The Sparrows were keen to test the nest out with one of our class reading buddies ‘Blue Bird’.

The Sparrows thought about what would happen if the conditions in the forest changed. We discussed what would happen to the birds’ nests on a sunny day, rainy day, windy day and snowy day. We all agreed that the nests would need to be very strong, so they didn’t blow away!

Year 6 Staff Car Wash – Friday 17th June

On Friday , we had a teachers’ car wash, it was a resounding success!

Firstly a group of us had to get the materials for it. The things we needed were:- sponges, buckets full of hot soapy water, cloths and a broken hose.

Sadly the hose didn’t fit so this meant Dylan (a strong boy) had to hold it tight together for the whole day, he got really wet!

We started in a group of 5 but we realized that if we wanted to get all 24 teachers’ cares washed we need all of Elm (1 year 6 class) to come out to help. After break Willow (the other year 6 class) took over for the rest of the day and to finish the rest of the cars.

During the car wash we got wet! After we warmed up we could count the money. We raised £120! The next fundraiser is our mufti-day.

By David Pardew