Quotes from our children about St Martin's School:

I’ve really enjoyed the inventions learning it has helped my writing and it’s made me want to write because I’ve got lots I want to write about.
We have learnt to be inventors, to work as a team and to use our imaginations.
At my old school we didn’t do fun activities, now we work really hard in the morning and do fun stuff in the afternoon.  I have lots to talk about when I go home, I love telling people what we’ve been doing.
Really enjoy school. Its so much fun!
I’ve surprised myself, I didn’t know learning could be like this, it’s fun!
The inventions learning has made me more confident to think about new ideas.
I’ve learnt to work in a group better, I’m better if I work with girls or sensible boys.
We’ve learnt to work with different people and to listen to others’ ideas.

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