Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

Schools are required to work closely with the local authority to meet their duties under the Children and Families Act (2014) and SEND Code of Practice (2015) for children who have special educational needs and disability. Devon’s local offer can be found at here.

To see our current SEND Information Report please (click here  for a Word Doc with working links or here for a pdf without links). This document contains links to related policies.

St Martins C of E Primary School 3 Levels of Provision

At all levels of provision we really want to work in partnership with you and your child to identify aspirations, understand needs and support with provision. This will enable your child to flourish within school.  Please talk to your child’s class teacher as a first point of call to see how you can get involved.

Universal Provision

This is simple, reasonable adjustments to meet your child’s identified needs. It is supported at St Martin’s by the continuous use of the graduated approach tool:

At the heart of this cycle is the aim that your child will make good progress and secure good outcomes from their education.

This provision for your child starts in the class with quality first teaching. It also includes phase specific support as outlined below:

Phase 1 – Universal Provision (Element 1)

Phase 2 – Universal Provision (Element 1)

Phase 3 – Universal Provision (Element 1)

SEND Support

Targeted Provision

This is specific support for your child beyond Universal Provision. This includes small group and individually targeted intervention approaches. We use our best endeavors to meet the needs of your child. For a flavour of the interventions currently used please click here.

Specialist Provision

This is support for your child if they have significant and persistent needs despite appropriate interventions and support. This is highly personalised for the few children who need it.

Contact Details and Information:

SEND Governor: Lythan Nevard email: lythannevard@stmartinscranrbook.devon.sch.uk

SENDCo: Nenny Wright email: sendco@stmartinscranbrook.devon.sch.uk

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