Philosophy for Children

As a new school, which has grown significantly, we have looked to create opportunities which support the successful building of our school community. One such approach has been Philosophy for Children (P4C).

Philosophy for Children is a tool which has been used to develop children’s reasoning, creative thinking and social skills. We call the topics for discussion ‘Thunks’. Engaging in P4C supports the development of a growth mindset, as children are taught to listen, to build on another’s point of view, to disagree, and to manage not being agreed with. We value highly the importance of Talk for Learning, and our children have become increasingly articulate about their learning, and about their own thinking.

Philosophy for Children happens across the school with even our youngest children being invited to talk about ‘the colour of happy’ or ‘what if the world was ruled by elephants’. Further up the school children have recently engaged in broader thinking – ‘Are men or women more important to ensure the successful functioning of society?’; ‘If I paint over a window is it still there?’; If we are all unique, are we all the same?’

The Education Endowment Fund have reviewed the application of Philosophy for Children and you can access their report here.

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