At St Martin’s we endeavour to meet the needs of a child with SEN, a flavour of the interventions currently used are detailed below.


Through our vision of wanting children to be able to live ‘life in all its fullness’ John 10:10; enrichment opportunities are offered to small groups of children who might struggle to access the whole curriculum in the classroom.

Enrichment Timetable


Fun Fit

The Fun fit programme is designed to support children in developing fine and gross motor skills for example throwing and catching a ball, using scissors and handwriting skills. This intervention also allows children to grow in terms of selfesteem and confidence on both a physical and emotional level.

Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy is a specialised programme tailored to your individual child’s needs. The program has been developed by a Speech Therapist. The therapist will assess your child’s speech needs when a referral has been made by an education or health care professional. This programme will then be followed and interventions put into place by trained speech and language TAs within the school. Please read this PDF about the Speech and Language Pathway at St Martin’s


‘Drumbeat’ encourages students to develop their listening skills, rhythm, social skills and teamwork. It has proven to support children who struggle making positive friendships by building their teamwork skills and developing greater self confidence.

Maths Interventions

Children will be supported to secure their understanding of the number system, and to develop their confidence with calculating.


Sherbourne is a movement programme which develops children’s confidence in their ability to move and their ability to make successful relationships with others. It has been particularly successful with some children in developing their understanding of an appropriate use of strength.

Balance Board

This intervention has been used in school to support the development of fine and gross motor skills, coordination, focus and concentration. Additionally it has also supported children to manage their behaviour.

Learning to Succeed

This intervention supports children who find it difficult to engage in play successfully.


Additional Letters and Sounds sessions support children to improve their reading and writing skills.

Nurture Group

This is a small group to support children who struggle within the classroom environment on a daily basis. The nurture group spends time together in the forest where the focus is to improve the child’s self esteem enabling them to be more successful in the classroom.

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