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Our nursery is now open 50 weeks a year offering wrap around care from 7.30am until 6pm. 

If you would like to come along and find out more please phone the school on 01404 515409 or email to book up on one of our information sessions.

About Our Nursery

At St Martin’s nursery we strive to give every child the opportunity to grow and develop into successful life long learners. We believe that children thrive when they feel happy, safe and secure and as such we work in partnership with you as their families and carers to provide nurturing and stable relationship to help your child to grow in those early years. St Martin’s places play at the heart of everything we do in the Early Years, believing that children learn best when they are playing alongside their peers and trusted adults and develop at their own rate.

We place great pride in our school environment and use our extensive facilities to offer exciting opportunities to our children. Inside our classroom you can expect to find lots of fascination traps, designed to inspire and invite children to explore resources in their own way. We also have a designated outdoor space which your child will always have access to, with opportunities to play with sand, water, digging activities, building activities, and much more besides. We have access to a beautiful forest school area, and the school hall, which we will use to support children’s physical development, as well as their transition into Reception at the end of the year.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This is one of the three prime areas that we focus on in nursery – the ability to share, negotiate and make friends with your peers is one of the most tricky things to learn! By providing children with an exciting and stimulating environment to play in, and thoughtful and caring practitioners, we aim to support your child with this area, all day every day.

Communication and Language

Another prime area, we play listening games and activities to support this essential lifelong skill. All of our practitioners have received additional training to support speech and language and we work closely with external agencies such as speech and language therapists to ensure our children leave nursery having had a good introduction to Phase One phonics and plenty of opportunities to practise their listening and speaking skills.

Physical Development

Our final prime area also supports children’s development into healthy well-rounded learners. Children have plenty of opportunities to practise and hone their gross motor skills and fine motor skills in nearly all the activities they take part in. The children take part in weekly hall sessions where they can use the big equipment as well as access to our beautiful forest school to support their gross motor movements.


Reading and writing form the foundation of our education system, and as a result at St Martin’s we use a story-telling curriculum to promote a love of books and stories. Children will be encouraged to learn stories off by heart and will have a chance to explore and play with props to support their story telling skills, even at this young age.


Children are born with an innate sense of number, and we harness this at St Martin’s in a variety of ways, using our provision, games with adults, counting games, stories and rhymes. Children will be encouraged to explore number, inside and outside, in the classroom and the forest, ensuring that they can see that maths is everywhere.

Understanding the World

Making sense of the world around them is an important part of a child’s development and at St Martin’s we strive to give children a range of experiences to learn from and grow. Parents and carers are invited in to help with this, be it to tell us about their hobby or job or bring in pets babies and everything in between!

Expressive Arts and Design

Developing and supporting children’s creativity is one of the joys of St Martin’s nursery. Painting, making, role play and small world all feature prominently in our environment and presented in a way that children can’t wait to get stuck in.


We aim to be flexible in what we can provide and offer a range of sessions to choose from (including a full school day).

Sessions Times and Cost

Breakfast Club: 7.30am – 8.30am (1 hour) – £3.90

Early Start: 8.30am – 9am (0.5 of an hour) – £2.04

Morning: 9.00am – 12.00pm (3 hours) – £12.24

Afternoon: 12.00 – 3.00pm (3 hours) – £12.24

Evening: 3.00pm – 6.00pm (3 hours) – £9.90

Whole Day: 7.30am – 6.00pm – £40.32

Children staying for the afternoon (12.00 – 3.00) will require a packed lunch, or alternatively you may purchase a school lunch for £1.80 per day.

Parents may use their 15/30 hours of government entitlement from the term after their child’s 3rd birthday, and/or purchase nursery hours from the term in which the child has their 3rd birthday.  We take children from the term in which they are 3 years old.

Between the hours of 8.30am and 3 pm and during school term times the nursery will be led by a qualified teacher.  Outside school hours and in the holidays the nursery will be led by FISH who provide outstanding wrap-around care.  


Government funding is only available for a maximum of 15 hours a week. Some children may be entitled to 30 hours of government funding. However, we are able to sell additional sessions so that your child could be in the nursery for as long as you wish; the cost of additional sessions is as above.

Parents may use their 15/30 hours of government entitlement from the term after their child’s 3rd birthday, and/or purchase nursery hours from the term in which the child has their 3rd birthday.

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