Reading in School

Being Read to

At the end of each day, class teachers read a story to the whole class to promote reading for pleasure and so children hear the key skill of prosody being modelled. Teachers have the freedom of choice to inspire their children, but also make sure to include throughout the year our core texts. Our aim is to develop a community of readers at St Martin’s and to ensure all children have enriching, stimulating and balanced reading opportunities. Adults also value the time spent sharing a story one to one with a child. 

In order to widen children’s experience of high quality texts and to enhance children’s love of reading, each class receives a book at the beginning of each month which is then placed into their class library for everyone to enjoy and share.

Reading Independently 

Every classroom has a book corner or reading area where children have free access to the texts. Children are encouraged to use these areas as much as possible. The importance of independent reading is recognised at St Martin’s and regularly integrated into the planning and delivery of lessons across the curriculum.

Reading with our buddies

The children in Year 6 are each buddied up with a child in Reception where they meet regularly to share books and play together.

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