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Quotes from our students


I’m in the Hub because it’s easier. I like the quiet. It’s better when I work because I can have a break and then do some more – SP

I have friends in the Hub and I can see my friends in class too. I like the hub when I can have the lego and other toys. I can work better in the hub because it’s quiet – CE

There are fewer tables and fewer chairs and I also like the TV.I also like all the pictures. I also like all the pictures that are new. It’s easier to learn in the hub because I get less noise. I like the quiet noise. I also like how kind it is. And that’s it. – JD


The Hub provision at St Martin’s is designed to support those children who find the busy primary classroom environment overwhelming. With thirty children all demanding a teacher’s attention the whole day, it can be very easy for some children to get upset or display behaviour which shows they are distressed. Our aim is to identify those children, look closely at their needs and find a way to make education more accessible for them. This may be through a tailor made curriculum or working at a steadier pace. It may mean work is differentiated to either extend learning or fill in gaps which children may have. Whatever the need is, we aim to make sure the children can be the best they can be. 


As part of the Hub provision, we have small break out groups from different year groups for those children who just need that little bit extra support. Some children find a smaller group less intimidating and therefore feel more comfortable in their learning. We strongly promote a ‘have a go’ attitude. It is made clear to the children right across the school, not just in the Hub, that when things go wrong, there is always a solution to put it right. Our provision focuses primarily on nurturing and getting the children to a place emotionally where they feel safe, secure and happy; until this is achieved, learning remains hard and very stressful for some children. When the children are ready to learn, we have the advantage of having staff to work in either small groups or one to one to try and get the children back into good learning habits and making progress. Our ultimate aim, where possible,  is to get the children back into their class for as much time as they can, with their peers and their teacher so that they can progress along with their friends.

Some children access the Hub for other reasons. The playground can be a challenging environment and sometimes children feel it’s all too much or that they are lonely in a very busy space. They can access the Hub and have the support they need and a quiet place where they can be calm and have positive contact with adults and other children. We also have some children who find coming into school first thing quite a challenge. These children can get support from the Hub to help them feel settled before going into class for the day. They often pop back just for a check in during the day as it helps them to feel safe.

As part of this extended provision, we also run Enrichment groups for those children who struggle to stay in class for a whole day or week. It offers them time away from the whole class to try new things and focus on the positives and what they have achieved rather than the things they cannot do. These groups may involve activities such as music, cooking, textile work or computer skills. These groups meet outside the classroom in other spaces around school. Space is short as the school has grown so the Bus has been developed as an extra working space but is particularly useful for groups of children who need a quiet and calm working environment. 

The bus overlooks the pond and forest area of the school grounds. It has some heating, electricity and a WiFi connection so the children can use chromebook technology out there. The bus is very popular with the children and is used for a variety of functions. We have external groups who meet on the bus regularly, guitar lessons happen out there as well as a range of other activities.

At the heart of the provision are relationships, not just with the child, but with parents too. Working in partnership to support our vulnerable children is key to ensuring their progress. We take time to communicate successes and areas where we feel we can support each other. Our door is always open so parents can ask questions and see how their children are progressing.


Both the Bus and the Hub are evolving. As needs change so does the way we work so that we can best serve the children of St Martin’s. Every child should be successful in their own way and  we are learning and challenging ourselves in order to be able to better understand how the children learn, and what we can do to help them be the very best they can be.

The children in the hub worked with the E-Learning ambassadors to use scratch coding to animate each individual letter of our core values. Please click here

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