E-Safety Ambassadors

This is a new initiative at St Martin’s.


My favourite subjects are art and computing. I enjoy computing because I like to learn how things work digitally. I enjoy art because I like expressing my ideas and drawing them on paper. I wanted to be an E-Safety Ambassador because I like helping others and sharing my interest in ICT.


I’m proud to be an E-Safety Ambassador at St Martin’s C of E Primary School, I show a deep interest in technology and electricity, I can code websites and I also code games on Roblox and I enjoy online gaming, whilst making sure that I am staying safe online.


I am good working with technology and I like to help no matter what the job, especially if it involves computers. I enjoy playing a range of games online and on my computer and I enjoy coding my own games.




I am an E-Safety Ambassador at St Martin’s C of E Primary School. I like to play on my PlayStation with my friends and I like to create videos which I can then edit and I enjoy gaming. In my spare time at home I film my own videos with my GoPro camera and I edit them. I enjoy exploring new things especially when it comes to technology.


I am in year 5 and I am proud to be an E-Safety Ambassador for the school. My interests are reading Kapa, the Haka, basketball, hockey, hiking and playing with my friends. I enjoy working on computers and I also like playing on the PS4. l love being outside and my favourite place to go is the beach. Since moving here, I like to go with my family onto the moors for walks.


I love to climb, swim and use a range of technology. Technology is one of my most favourite things to use. I love being outside and being active in trampolining and other sports. I take after my dad because my he is a computer programmer.




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