The children used the text ‘Dear Mother Goose’ to help them to write their own Agony Aunt letters. They needed to write a letter from a Fairytale character with a problem. The Fairy Godmother then sent a reply to help them!

The children created their own lift the flap books. They thought carefully about how to make the paper a flap and how to include letters within their work.


Dear Fairy Godmother,

Every time I make a house a wolf comes and blows my house down!

From The Three Little Pigs

To The Three Little Pigs,

How about feeding the wolf cake?

                                                                           From Fairy Godmother.


 Dear Fairy Godmother, 

When I fly down I hurt myself. What can i do?

From Princess Fairy.

Dear Fairy,

Why don’t you cover the windows so you don’t get hurt?

                                                                               From Fairy Godmother


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