Courageous Advocacy

Head Teacher Challenge – 1st February 2021

Random Acts of Kindness

This week’s challenge is to deliver Random Acts of Kindness, without anyone knowing that’s what you’re doing.
Can you surprise mum and dad by being super helpful – and then at the end of the week ask them how many of your random acts they noticed.
Could you write a letter to a relative you haven’t seen – older relatives love getting letters.
What about writing a letter to your teacher to let them know how the home learning is going – your teacher is probably quite stressed at the moment, but they won’t show it, and I know when I am feeling worried, I just have to spend time in class with all of you to feel much better…and you never know, you might get a reply!!

Georgia from Sparrows is home learning and heard me read your message about random acts of kindness. She has today decided to write chalk messages of encouragement in secret outside of 8 of her friends houses.

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