Collective Worship

At St. Martin’s C or E Primary & Nursery School, we are a Church school and we believe that Collective Worship plays a very important role in the life of our school. It is an opportunity to celebrate all aspects of school life to support our curriculum and to provide an opportunity for stillness and reflection in what is often a very busy, active day for our children.

Through our daily act of collective worship we aim to:
• Provide an opportunity for thought, prayer, reflection and celebration in a caring atmosphere; through this children learn about and are nurtured in the Christian faith;
• Create a sense of school identity and of belonging to a school community which shares common experiences;
• Encompass all aspects of school life, all curriculum areas and reflect the school’s ethos;
• Show children that we are members of a wider community, both local and global;
• Encourage a care and concern for others in society and the natural world;
• Help children think about a wide variety of ideas and dimensions of life, including spiritual, ritual, wonderful, joyful, tragic, sorrowful, solemn and humorous.

Collective Worship Overview – Spring 2020


Learning Ambassador Feedback about Collective worship.

Whole school worship.

It helps us to sing- Darcy
It helps us learn about God because Rev Nev comes in to tell us stories about God.- Erin
It celebrates our school because we think about God and what he has helped us to achieve. – Megan
We come together as a school, to be joyous and celebrate God and it reminds us about how to be for the rest of the day. – Laila
We celebrate our learning and showing that we can be the best we can be. – George

The school worship is a calming experience. – Bella
The singing makes you feel happy – Darcy
Hearing other people voices makes you happy- Laila.
Sharing your learning with others. – Holly
Because people are often tired on a Friday afternoon its good to go in and sing. – George.
I find it exciting to go into celebration assembly and find out what other classes have been learning about. – Megan.
It gives us the opportunity to learn about other things from the other classes – Evie
When you see children receiving HT awards it inspires you to try your best. – Hattie
When children go up and get their awards, its feels good to clap because the child can feel proud if they’ve never had a HT Award before. – Holly

Phase Worship

Our Phase assembly is quite spiritual because we talk about our ‘ow’ and ‘wow’ moments and we talk about how it is ok to be different. – Erin
We talk about how we can raise money for different charities. At the moment we are raising money for the Hope Foundation. – Evie
We talk about mirrors, windows and doors. We talk about things that are happening in the world, like the bush fires in Australia. – Megan
We talk about our school values and about being the best we can be- Laila
We listen to songs and then try and guess which value we are going to talk about. – Harry

Class worship
We talk about Thunks….. questions that make us think. There is not always a right or wrong answer but it gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas with each other and debate sensibly. – Megan

It’s good to hear other peoples views and share ideas. – Evie.

We discuss quotes and their meaning- George.


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