School Improvement Plan (SIP)

The aim of the School Improvement Plan is to set a clear focus for improvement. As we begin the academic year of 2017-18 we have a more stable school population, however, we have 4 new teachers and are also facing the challenge of maintaining provision for high numbers of children with SEND with a reduced teaching assistant team.  We have identified through careful analysis of the school’s provision clear priorities to move the school forward, aspiring to excellence for the children and families that we serve.

Our model of improvement planning is intended to provide stakeholders with an easily accessible plan for our school’s improvement.  Each identified aspect for improvement includes an action plan to support it and this plan will be reviewed and evaluated regularly by governors, the senior leadership team and external advisors.  The action plans will identify CPD requirements, costings, individual and team actions, resources needed and time scales.  Governors’ monitoring responsibilities are linked to the School Improvement Plan with teams of staff and governors taking responsibility for and being accountable for various aspects of the plan.   The priorities for school improvement have clear success criteria and are linked to the key judgements in the Ofsted inspection framework.

All improvement points are intended to be challenging and reflect our Christian ethos.  We want to ensure that all children at St Martin’s reach their full potential, feel that success is always possible and are excited by the opportunities offered to them by the school; the best interests of our children are always our priority.

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