Governor Profiles

The Governing Board of St. Martin’s consists of the following:

  • Foundation Governors, who have particular responsibility for upholding the Christian ethos of the school and are appointed by the Diocese of Exeter.
  • Staff governors, one elected by staff vote and the other the Headteacher.
  • Parent Governors, elected by parental/carer vote.
  • Co-opted Governors, appointed by the Governing Body based on the skills they can bring to the school.
  • One Local Authority Governor, appointed by the Governing Body but approved for holding office by members of the Local Authority.
  • The Governing Board is also able to appoint Associate Members to join Committees on the basis of the specific skills and experience that they can bring to the role.

Steph Harvey - Acting Headteacher

I was persuaded to return to teaching from my job as a primary maths consultant, by Mrs Beard, and I have never looked back. Mrs Beard’s strong lead has created a school which exudes care and nurture. As acting head, I endeavour to maintain the strong family feel of the school supporting children and staff alike to ‘be the best that they can be’. Our ethos of ‘Living life in all its fullness’ prioritises maximising opportunities for the children in our care and capturing and celebrating their learning and achievements, recognising each one as unique and special.– Steph Harvey

John Clements - Chair of Governors and Parent Governor

I am a parent governor, appointed in October 2017, and delighted to be connected with a school that has such an exciting future.  My daughter started in reception in September 2017 and keen as I am to support her and the school being a governor appears to me an ideal way of contributing.  I live close to the school and intend to be as involved as I reasonably can.  I seek to put across the perspective of parents and make sure our voices continue to be an active part of school life. I am on a steep learning curve but eager to listen and learn. I have a background in safeguarding children with most of my current work being in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  I also have an adult teaching qualification and regularly provide training inputs in connection with protecting vulnerable people. I have a strong commitment in supporting those who need help in our communities.– John Clements

Rev. Lythan Nevard - Foundation Governor & Ex-officio

I am Lythan Nevard, known to the children at St Martins as RevNev, the Minister for Cranbrook. I am a foundation governor and have been a Minister in the United Reformed Church for 24 years. In Cranbrook  I work for the URC, Church of England and Methodist Churches as the three denominations seek to support the whole community and provide a Church that fits the profile and needs of Cranbrook. Cornerstone Church usually meets at St Martin’s on a Sunday but pops up doing things all over the place. It is a very different and very exciting type of work for me. I live here in Cranbrook with my husband, also a Minister and usually some of our three adult children though I think we will be empty nesters in the next few years. I fill my time off with crafty pursuits like cardmaking, scrapooking and crochet and also love to sing and act and play the piano. – Rev. Lythan Nevard

Craig Jamieson - Foundation Governor

My family and I moved to Cranbrook in June 2014 and with two children now at St. Martins I’m keen to be part of a team that can support our school and make a real difference in the community we all live. My background and experience is built from serving 14 years in the Royal Navy and 10 years working with-in the Logistics and Transport industry. I have a history of building successful teams and I’m keen to bring a different perspective outside of education to the Governing Team. Outside of work my hobbies include ballet and rugby drop off and also running with the aim if completing two half marathons next year.– Craig Jamieson

Mel Turl - Associate Member

I joined St. Martins in April 2014, excited by its ever-changing situation and warm and caring environment. Having been a Governor in my previous school I was keen to join a Governing Body again, working with a different group of people who have a vested interest in the school ‘being the best that it can be’. I am currently teaching Year One and have a keen interest in maths across the school. At home I love spending time with my 3 young girls, going for long walks by the sea and catching up with a good book!– Mel Turl

Andrew Wood - Foundation Governor

I am a foundation governor, appointed in December 2017. I am a town planner by background and have a long standing association with Cranbrook (I was present at the turf cutting ceremony on June 29th 2011). My day job involves helping to support the development of Cranbrook and the nearby major projects.   I am based at the Younghayes Centre and it has been fascinating for me to witness the growth of the town and to be reminded of the critical role that schools play at the heart of a community. As part of the governor team I am fully committed to supporting the work of the school and to ensuring that the children get the best possible start in life. Whilst my own children are not at the school I am keen to understand the perspective of parents and I am the representative of the Governing Board on the Parent Voice group. In my spare time I help to coach a junior rugby team and have recently taken on the refereeing responsibilities – probably the least relaxing hour of my week!– Andrew Wood

Vacancy - Parent Governor

Lisa Malton - Foundation Governor

I am a Foundation Governor, appointed in Autumn 2018. My two youngest children joined St Martin’s in September 2014, one in year 5 and one in the nursery.  I am an experienced Secondary School Middle and Senior leader. I am hoping my knowledge and experience of Education, both as a parent and professionally, will be used to support St Martin’s in preparing all our children for their next steps and beyond. I am very passionate that every pupil should achieve their best and believe they can be anything they wish. Time with my family is extremely important, this is often spent at the side of hockey, football, netball and gymnastics sessions! When not being the support team for my children I enjoy running, playing netball and getting lost in a good book.– Lisa Malton

Hannah Wood - Foundation Governor

I am a Foundation Governor, appointed in July 2019 and have two children at the school. Since my eldest started at the school I’ve been so impressed with the staff and the positive school ethos, joining the governors is a way for me to give back and contribute to the school. I have a higher education (university) teaching qualification which, although somewhat different,  I hope gives me something of an insight into the ways in which teaching can be used to bring out the best in everybody. Nowadays I work in management in the natural environment; I hope the practical skills I have in project management, grant applications, data management etc. will be useful in supporting the school. I also have a personal interest in SEND support, and using science and nature to engage kids in the whole curriculum. In my spare time I can be found out walking with the dog, running, or at home with a good book and some crochet!– Hannah Wood

Jason Knight - Foundation Governor

I have lived in Cranbrook since 2015 with my wife and two children, who both attend the school. I am a firm believer that a good start to education at primary school can set you on the road to a happy and healthy life, and I am really excited to be able to contribute to that start. Professionally, I am a pension scheme actuary advising a range of employers and trustee boards and leading a team of actuarial analysts. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, as well as playing and watching a range of sports.– Jason Knight

Vacancy - Foundation Governor

Election in process - Staff Governor

Vacancy - Local Authority Governor

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