About the Governing Board

Our Governing Board plays a key role in developing the strategic direction of the school and we are fortunate to have a committed, diverse and caring team of people.

Governors have a vital role in the school, and work together to achieve the following:

  •  ensuring the school has a clear vision and strategic plan,
  • holding Mrs Harvey, as acting headteacher, to account for the educational performance of the school and the performance management of the staff and
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and ensuring money is well spent


Impact of Governance at St. Martin’s

The Governing Board produces an annual Impact Statement to provide information on their work from the previous year. The Impact Statements from the last two years are available to read via the link below:


Structure of Governance at St. Martin’s

Up until the end of 2020, all governors joined at least one of the four Committees (Teaching & Learning, Resources, Leadership & Teachers’ Pay and Admissions) and within these Committees, held a specific Lead Governor role. In December 2020, the Governing Board decided to move to a different governance structure with an increased number of Full Governing Board meetings (four per term) and no separate Resources or Teaching & Learning Committees anymore. The Lead Governors will report directly to the Full Governing Board from now on.  Lead Governors have delegated responsibility for defined areas of work. The Board currently has Lead Governors for the following areas (click on each to view the Terms of Reference):

The Leadership and Teachers’ Pay Committee meet once a term. The Admissions Committee meets once to twice a year, as required.   Committee Terms of Reference can be viewed below.

Leadership & Teachers’ Pay Committee

Admissions Committee

There are two further committees which only meet if there is a need for them to do so. These committees are convened to consider any formal proceedings, such a a staff disciplinary issue or the permanent exclusion of a pupil.

Governors from St. Martin’s also sit on the East Devon Church Schools Partnership Committee, which includes Otter Valley Federation and Withycombe Raleigh Primary School. This provides an opportunity to share practice, collaborate on different projects and exchange ideas and resources.

Governors play a key role in monitoring the progress of the School Improvement Plan, which involves discussions and meetings with staff, visiting the school, identifying actions and questions and contributing to the School Improvement Review at the end of each year. The Governing Board meets as a whole twice a term and also supports the Acting Headteacher with preparing for OfSTED and SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools) inspections.

Should you have any queries regarding the work of the Governing Board, please contact the Clerk to Governors at clerk@stmartinscranbrook.devon.sch.uk.

Current membership of the Governing Board is detailed in the tables below:

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