Classes and Staff

teachers and year groups

The class structure and the staffing will be subject to change in the light of the numbers of children and their ages, and will be updated termly.

Headteacher: Tania Beard (Data and Assessment, Curriculum, Behaviour for Learning, Innovations Team, Learning Ambassador Team and Safeguarding and Domestic Violence Officer)
Deputy Headteacher : Steph Harvey  (Phase 3 Lead, SIAMS, Inclusion Team, NQT induction, TA Development, SCITT trainees and Deputy Safeguarding Officer)
Assistant Headteacher: Nat Padley (Phase 2 Lead, Literacy Lead, Story Telling Curriculum and Consortium ITT)
Assistant Headteacher: Mel Turl (Phase 1 Lead and Maths Subject Leader)
Family Advocate: Caren Flicker (Promoting Emotional and Physical well-being for children and their families and Deputy Safeguarding Officer)
Child Advocate: Scott Pannell (Promoting Emotional and Physical well-being for children within the school)
SENDCo: Nenny Wright (SEND and Deputy Safeguarding Officer)

Administration Team

School Business Manager: Brigid Thompson (Finance, Personnel, Health and Safety, Premises, Line Manager for Admin and non-teaching support staff)
Administrators: Bridget Matthews, Helen Bridle, Sarnia Keats and Jacqueline Brooks
SEN Administrator and Clerk to Governors: Jacqueline Brooks
IT Specialist & Website Management: Brigid Thompson

Non-Class Based Staff Roles

MTA Team: Gail Atkins, Jayne Byres, Amanda Dogan, Jeanette Doherty, Larisa Fay, Cara Hole, Lynn Kenshole, Michelle Laskey, Megan Lambert, Steph Mabbutt, Rachel Morris, Sian Molloy, Scott Pannell, Sally Pope, Camilla Turton, Lucy Southard, Tracy Stokes, Nikki Townsend, Trudi Wiles, Emma James, Jade Carter, Rachel Winter, Paula Mundy, Katie Mazurek, Carla Goldsworthy, Marie Quest, Carol Rea, and Jamie Menhennett, Amy Prowse, Becky Drew-Cull.
Forest School Lead: Katie Mazurek
Caretaker (Premises Manager): Clive Cavalier (Maintenance and upkeep of the school and cleaning team lead)
Cleaners: Natasha Carr,  Melany Mitchell and Leigh-Anne Kendall 
Catering Team ManagerKaren Earle  (Providing nutritious and delicious meals for children and adults)
Catering Team: Kirsty Mortimore, Gemma Frayne, Joanne Lipscomb 
Space Team: Lucy Southard, Camila Turton, Jeanette Doherty

Classroom Based

Phase 1 – Nursery

Little Parrots: Laura Milner & Sally Knowles
FS Workers:  Kelly Baseley, Pippa Norton, Kayleigh Duke & Hazel Alford
HLTAs:  Dianne Radford & Teri Payne

Phase 1 – Reception

Chicks Class Teacher & Phase Leader: Mel Turl
Ducklings Class Teacher: Emma Luff
HLTAs: Teri Payne, Dianne Radford and Tracy Stokes
TAs: Jade Carter, Megan Lambert, Saskia Smith & Jane Fitt 

Phase 1 – Year 1

Robins Class Teacher: Sam Payne
Sparrows Class Teacher: Laura Davenport
HLTAs: Camilla Turton, Dianne Radford & Jeanette Doherty 
Teaching Assistants: Emma James, Gail Atkins, Amy Prowse & Becky Drew-Cull.

Phase 2 – Year 2

Finches Class Teacher: Catherine Maddison
Swallows Class Teacher: Sue Edden
HLTA: Sian Malloy
Teaching Assistants: Rachel Morris & Amanda Dogan

Phase 2 – Year 3

Oak Class Teacher: Emily Light
Birch Class Teacher: Emily Garwood
HLTA: Rachel Morris & Sian Molloy
Teaching Assistants: Carol Rea, Rachel Winter, Nikki Townsend 

Phase 2 – Year 4

Ash Class Teacher: Nat Padley
Sycamore Class Teacher: Shannan McGuirk
HLTA: Tracy Stokes 
Teaching Assistants: Sally Pope

Phase 3 – Year 5

Willow Class Teacher: Jonny Sluman
Elm Class Teacher: Wern Holl
HLTAs: Steph Mabbutt
Teaching Assistants: Paula Mundy, Jamie Menhennett & Larisa Fay

Phase 3 – Year 6

Beech Class Teacher: Steph Harvey
Chestnut Class Teacher: Russ Green
HLTA: Steph Mabbutt & Sue Bray 
Teaching Assistants: Cara Hole, Trudi Wiles, Marie Quest