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Year 6 Staff Car Wash – Friday 17th June

On Friday , we had a teachers’ car wash, it was a resounding success!

Firstly a group of us had to get the materials for it. The things we needed were:- sponges, buckets full of hot soapy water, cloths and a broken hose.

Sadly the hose didn’t fit so this meant Dylan (a strong boy) had to hold it tight together for the whole day, he got really wet!

We started in a group of 5 but we realized that if we wanted to get all 24 teachers’ cares washed we need all of Elm (1 year 6 class) to come out to help. After break Willow (the other year 6 class) took over for the rest of the day and to finish the rest of the cars.

During the car wash we got wet! After we warmed up we could count the money. We raised £120! The next fundraiser is our mufti-day.

By David Pardew

Maths Competition

Maths Competition

On Thursday the 9th of April 2016 we ( a group of year fives called Jack(me),Emily,Ella and Reuben)went to a mathematics competition at the Maynard school and here is what happened:

Once we got there we had a 40 minute speech from the deputy headmistress of the school who said that she doubted that anyone had ever done maths for 40 minutes straight before (we have done it for 3 hours straight before) and that it would all be very hard.

First was the question round where we had to answer as many questions as possible correctly. We did the whole thing though!

Next was the crossnumber where we had to work out what each question was in the grid and get as many full, correct squares as possible.

Then came lunch time when we had 40 minutes to eat and we got to go outside for 5 minutes too.

Then it was my favourite part, the logic quiz. You had some facts on the sheet and you had to work out which skier went where. We aced that test with 50/50 points!

Finally my least favourite part of the day, the relay round. We needed to work out the questions and go to the teacher and check it. If it was right we gave them to the other people and if we got them wrong we got a ‘second chance’ and if it was wrong again we had to give it to the other team.

At the end were the announcements. They called out who got

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3rd place then 2nd place then 1st place. When they said that we weren’t 3rd I was sad but then we found out…


We felt so proud of ourselves and I thought I was going to be sick! When we got back we told all of our parents who were super proud of us too! We also wore our medals all of the next day because we were super proud

Written by Jack Bennett, Beech class.